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Business Support Services

Business Support Services

We want to meet all your business needs; it is very easy to drown in red tape. Legislation, regulation, the demands of HR and IT All of these can consume valuable time and energy, slowing your real work down. And that’s just everyday life. If you want to develop and expand into new areas, things can get much more daunting. That’s where MK business support services come in.

  1. Finance department outsourcing
  2. An outsourced finance department can significantly reduce your administrative burden and your IT and finance staff costs. With MK performing your accounting and administrative functions, you will have continuity of service and more time to concentrate on growing your business.

    Our specialists work to understand the dynamics of your organization so that your specific accounting needs are met. We provide management with information vital to the running of the business. We will ensure that you are fully compliant with regulatory requirements and that you meet reporting deadlines. We can also help you prepare an internal financial procedures manual based on best practice and the systems adopted by your organization.

  3. Accounting software selection
  4. We can ensure that your organization is using the most appropriate accounting software. If you are frustrated with your existing system, or wish to implement a new or enhanced system, MK can give you objective advice on the best choices. Often, we find that existing software is perfectly adequate with just a few improvements required.

  5. Management Reporting
  6. In any business, key financial decisions by management must be based on hard data. This makes it vital to have effective management reporting.

    We can set up your chart of accounts to ensure that you receive the correct management reports when you need them. We can prepare management accounts quarterly or monthly as appropriate. We can prepare VAT returns based on these reports and assist with the preparation of financial projections. We can also prepare year-end accounts for you, with a fully cross-referenced working paper file ready for submission to the auditors.

  7. Business Planing
  8. A business plan is vital if your business is to evolve in anything other than a haphazard way. It helps you gauge income and expenditure, handle unforeseen circumstances and underpins good business decisions. It provides valuable information to those who work for you or with you (such as suppliers) and assists with the proper allocation of resources.

    Moreover, if you are seeking funding for a business idea, having a business plan is critical. You will need to demonstrate to potential backers a strong understanding of how and why there is a need for your product or service. These backers will also need concrete reassurance as to how their investments will be repaid.

    MK can review your business plan and help you to complete it, highlighting its areas of weakness and suggesting remedies. As a first step, it is helpful if you try to complete our business plan questionnaire to assess your plan‘s current state of readiness. This will help to provide us with a rough initial picture of its current strengths and areas of weakness, enabling us to target our advice more effectively.

  9. End of year accounting assistance
  10. MK can provide you with expert support when you are preparing your year-end statutory accounts. We offer precisely the level of assistance you need – from simply helping you get ready for an audit to undertaking the complete preparation of your accounts. Our extensive experience in this area covers all kinds of organizations, including limited companies, partnerships, charities, trusts, sole traders, joint ventures and other business entities.

    1. We prepare
      • Multi-currency management reports under US GAAP or IFRS
      • Year-end statutory accounts
      • Timely reports for inclusion in the group accounts.
    2. We can handle
      • VAT registration
      • Completion of quarterly or monthly returns
      • Payroll services
    3. We can provide
      • Advice on transfer pricing
      • Expert guidance on direct and indirect global tax planning issues
      • Company secretarial service
    4. Payroll
    5. Our payroll consultants will help you negotiate a highly complex area of law that has strict penalties for failure to comply. We take care of all the forms and paperwork, organizing our schedule to meet your timescales and ensuring that deadlines are met.

  11. Human Resource Consultancy
  12. Getting the right people and ensuring that they have the necessary skills is essential for business success. MK offers a specialist service providing independent human resource advice in a variety of key areas. Getting human resources right is critical to the success of many businesses. For efficient utilization, we provide the following:

    • Management Audits – providing assurance on suitability of the existing manpower to effectively carry out the tasks allotted to them
    • Manpower planning – advising on optimal manpower requirements based on the client‘s current and future needs
    • Executive searches and recruitment – MK consulting ensures that staff recruited will fit in within the client‘s structure and organization culture
    • Human resource policies and procedures – reviewing, designing and documenting human resource policies and procedures
    • Design of remuneration and benefit structures and performance based reward schemes –designing packages that increase staff loyalty and performance
    • Training and Development – If you want to leap ahead!

    The performance of people in any organization is crucial to achieving business success in a highly competitive world. The more capable and qualified the employees the better the performance of the organization. Staffs therefore, need to be continuously developed in order to realize their full potential and to secure competitive advantage for the organization

    Whilst we recognize the importance of structured on-the-job development, the role that formal off-the-job training provides is also critical in the development process. We provide a comprehensive generic range of training and development courses and workshops, designed to meet the varied and changing needs of employees at all levels.

    The programs are skill based and provide considerable opportunity for practical sessions and discussions.

    We also provide personalizes in house training for the organizations Staff. MK is always happy to discuss tailored courses for your organization.

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