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Company Secretarial & Legal Advisory Services

Company Secretarial & Legal Advisory Services

  1. Business and Corporate
  2. You’ve worked hard to own your own business. Diligent representation during formation and contract negotiations can help prevent problems that may threaten your business down the road. We’ll work with you from the beginning, advising you on what type of business to form (a Corporation, Partnership, or other), and preparing your organization documents.

    • Company formations
    • Corporate Secretarial
    • Shareholder & Partnership Agreements
    • Business & Commercial Transactions
    • Mergers, Acquisitions and Dispositions
    • Conveyance
    • Receivership
    • Insolvency
    • Contract Drafting & Negotiating
  3. Employment Law
  4. Employment law is no longer an area any business can afford to ignore. The ground rules change yearly, and staying current is an operational challenge. Our firm specializes in ensuring that businesses are in compliance with all areas of employment law and in preventing employment-related problems before they arise.

    Our Services Under Our services under employment Law include:-

    • Due Diligence – Compliance Audit for new Labor Laws
    • Training on & Incorporation of New Employment & Labor Law Relations
    • Contracts Drafting & Negotiation
  5. Banking and Financial Institution
  6. The banking industry is highly regulated in Tanzania. Compliance with statutes, rules, and regulations applicable to banks and other financial institutions is detailed and highly complex. The assistance of competent firm like ours is a necessity when dealing with such matters as commercial loan transactions, real property and asset-based financing, real estate, wealth management, and regulatory matters. Our understating of the banking industries and banking business in Tanzania greatly enhances our representation of large and small financial institutions.

    We can assist with:-

    • Loan documentation and negotiation
    • The creation and perfection of security interests.
    • Bank regulatory compliance
    • Advice on unique banking law issues
    • Various matters for bank securities, debenture and mortgage
  7. Insurance Law
  8. Our services include but are not limited to providing advisory services to our clients on compliance to insurance laws and the benefits thereof.

  9. Capital Markets & Securities
  10. Our capital markets and securities practice provides a full range of services in advising underwriters, issuers and purchasers in both public and private securities offerings. These offerings involve debt, equity and combinations thereof in certain instances. The scope of work includes advising on transactions such as:

    • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
    • Secondary Public Offerings
    • Bond Issues
    • Private Placements
    • Rights Offers
    • Compliance With Ongoing Obligations In Terms Of The Listings Requirements Of The DSE (Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange)

    Our role in capital markets transactions includes acting as Tanzanian counsel for both issuers and underwriters for cross-border transactions.

  11. Intellectual property
  12. Intellectual property is a critical component of any business strategy. Well-crafted and properly managed IP has the ability to enlarge the footprint of any company on a domestic and international level. On the other hand, poorly managed or neglected IP has the ability to unravel the most efficient operation. It can be a shield to protect a company from competitors and, if skillfully obtained, can be a powerful offensive sword.

    Corporate & Legal Services Limited is a full-service intellectual property firm that specializes in helping companies of all types and sizes develop and protect their intellectual assets. With experience in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licensing programs, Corporate & Legal Services Limited IP can handle all of your intellectual property needs, which include:-

    • Patents & Trade Marks Registration. The registration process takes about 90 days, it includes:
      1. Conducting an official search
      2. Advertisement in the Government Gazette
      3. Registration
  13. Legal Drafting & Negotiations
  14. MK will provide technical assistance in your general and specific business transactions by providing legal drafting and negotiation services, which include:-

    • Employment Agreements.
    • Equipment Lease Agreement for clients engaged in leasing various types of business equipment, and assistance in the implementation of the lease program
    • Consulting Services Agreements for clients providing consulting services, while protecting the unique intellectual property assets of the client.
    • Full-form Construction Contracts for a variety of industrial construction clients.
    • Franchise Agreements for a variety of franchisees.
    • Customer Agreements, including full compliance with Tanzanian statutes.
    • Publishing Agreements on behalf of authors.
    • Joint venture arrangements to establish business partnership
    • Development Agreements.

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