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MK Auditors is registered by BRELA with Certificate of Registration No. 98502 and National Board of Accountants and Auditors (“NBAA”) with the Registration No. PF 027. The firm is also licensed by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (“TRA”) as practicing tax consultants. Our wide range of services covers audit, tax, financial advisory, business support, management consulting, technology and legal advisory services to Private Sector, Public Sector, NGOs and Religious Organization.

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MK AUDITORS is a team of qualified energetic and highly experienced professionals with twenty-three years expertise and experience in accounting, tax and business consulting.

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Our mission is to help clients achieve the most efective and efcient way to do business by providing clients with quality financial services that focus on their specific business needs.

Us? 03.

A large number of our staffs are Chartered Accountants (ACCAs) and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Experienced Tax consultants and Certified Systems auditors, highly trained and have an in depth knowledge of local environment complimented by considerable international knowledge and exposure.

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We will maintain an environment where a commitment to quality, honesty, respect, fairness and professional ethics governs the actions and decisions of everyone within our firm.


Dr. Kaleshu is a registered professional accountant (CPA-PP). He holds a CPA certificate from the National Board of accountants obtained in 1987, MBA and PHD from the University of DSM. Dr. Kaleshu has conducted a number of consultancies both locally and internationally.

Dr. Jones Kaleshu ~ CPA(T)

Managing Partner


Mr. Baraka is a Certified Public Accountant, awarded by the National Board of Accountant and Auditors (NBAA) in May 2012. He holds Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF). Baraka is a licensed tax consultant approved by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

Mr. John Baraka ~ CPA(T)

Head of Taxation Services Unit

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We work closely with a wide range of partners from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments.