Dr. Jones Tindyebwa Kaleshu

Kaleshu is a registered professional accountant (CPA-PP). He holds a CPA certificate from the National Board of accountants obtained in 1987, MBA and PHD from the University of DSM.

He has served the Moshi Cooperative University for 24 years as a senior lecturer. On the managerial front, served as a Chief Accountant with the Tanzania Gemstone Industries Ltd before joining the then Cooperative College as a Principal tutor in Taxation, accounting and Finance in 1991. At the university he rose from a head of Short Courses Unit, to become the head of Postgraduate Studies department, and there after he became Director of Studies and Programme (DSP). In 2005 he became the Deputy Principal Academic for the University College until 2008 when he left for further studies. Between 1998 and 2004 he was the manager responsible for coordinating the upgrading of then Cooperative College into a University College Status and in 2013 he was the chairperson of the Institutional Transformation Team that spearheaded the upgrading of then Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies (MUCCoBS) to a fully-fledged university in 2014.

Dr. Kaleshu has conducted a number of consultancies in the microfinance sector both locally and internationally. He is also a partner in MK. Auditors a small firm operating in Arusha and Moshi with a client base made entirely up of SMEs and thus more versed with challenges they face in preparation of financial statements, reporting and management. The firm has recently opened an office in Dar es-Salaam.

With respect to project reviews, Kaleshu has participated in a number of assignments either as a team leader or a member of the team. Dr. Kaleshu is currently undertaking two major research activities: a review of the impact of the cooperative sector in Lesotho. The project is expected to be completed in June, 2015 and the “Universities’ Curricula and Demands of the Labour Market: A Case of Selected Universities In Tanzania – in Progress- to be completed in May, 2017. Both project involve Moshi cooperative University and scholars from universities outside Tanzania. In both cases, Dr. Kaleshu is the team leader.

Other undertakings include the following:

In July 2015, he was a team leader of two consultants who undertook End of Program Evaluation of Rural Financial Institutions Program (RUFIP). Undertaking A Comprehensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for Grass Roots Rural Financial Institutions and Other Stakeholders of the MIVARF Programme which dwelt on establishing the training needs of rural microfinance institutions in the whole of

Tanzania The assignment took place between November, 2013 and February, 2014 he led a team of four consultants that undertook. In September, 2013, Dr. Kaleshu undertook a Mid-Term Review of the Salvation Army Tanzania Territory’s Microcredit Partnership (SAMIDE) Scheme. Between December, 2010 and January, 2011 he was a member of a team of two consultants commissioned by the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) to carry out a mid-term review for FERT/USAWA, a Network of SACCOS in Kilimanjaro region. The assignment involved assessing levels of achievement and impact by comparing planned targets against actual, grant utilization, drawing lessons, assessing sustainability of USAWA as a network and recommending the way forward.

Between February and March, 2010 he was a member consulting team to Lesotho that carried out an evaluation of the Rural Financial Intermediation Programme (RUFIP). This was a four year project funded by IFAD/Government of Lesotho (GOL) to assist the Department of Cooperatives (DOC) and the microfinance sub-sector build up the capacity for provision of effective financial services to the unbanked rural poor. The work involved an assessment of the institutional set-up for Department of Cooperatives (DOC), assessment and identification of training needs for the DOC and SACCOS and then preparation of a comprehensive turnaround strategy for both the DOC and SACCOS. The work was commissioned by IFAD/GOL.

In 2002/2003 Dr. Kaleshu was a team member of Review of 30 Micro-Finance Institutions supported by Rural Financial Services Programme (RFSP). The study aimed at identifying and analyzing the status of Microfinance Institutions supported by RFSP. RFSP operated under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office and was jointly funded by Government of Tanzania and IFAD.

Dr. Kaleshu has also led teams that reviewed and developed cooperative development policies for Lesotho, Swaziland and Zanzibar between 2008 and 2010.
Kaleshu apart from participating in reviews has participated in a number of assignments related to microfinance/SACCOS promotion, development and capacity building both locally and internationally.


Mobile No: +255 754 392 840 or +255 787 392 840
Email: jones.kaleshu@mkauditors.co.tz or audit@mkauditors.co.tz