Withholding taxes compliance services

Changes in tax laws are difficult for business to keep up with therefore a proficient tax advice are vital to businesses. Our specialist in this field keeps our clients informed on the changes and interprets these changes as tailored to their specific business operations.

  • Review of client’s transactions and advise on the services that are subject to withholding tax
  • Based on client’s information provided to us we advise and compute withholding taxes where applicable.
  • We prepare on behalf of clients the withholding tax six monthly summary statements (Withholding tax returns)
  • Provision of constant reminders for timely submission and payment of withholding taxes

MK also provides tax compliance advisory services in the areas below:

  • Custom and Excise Duti
  • Other taxes such as municipality taxes, community taxes, non-fiscal taxes and other fees and duties that may be applicable given the specific object of activity of the Company
  • Updates on tax developments on amendments, changes and/or new pieces of tax law and related regulations that have an impact on the Company’s tax compliance
  • Statutory Accounting Preparation and Submission