Payroll Taxes

Currently there is an increase statutory compliance by the revenue authority (TRA) on employment tax returns audits. A correct operation and compliance with the PAYE system is important, along with minimizing payroll costs, including the payroll taxes. The good design of compensation and remuneration packages including salary, benefits, bonuses and share incentive schemes can provide cost and tax savings for both employers and employees. In performing this function we will ensure that we effectively manage your payroll, this includes.

  • Designing a tax conscious payroll
  • Employee compensation benefits review and design
  • Setting up the payroll details onto our system
  • Preparation of the payroll including pay slips; this comprises computing all statutory deductions from individual employees’ pay;
  • Preparation of payroll reports tailored to meet your requirements;
  • Deposit of salaries to employees’ bank accounts
  • Timely remittance of statutory deductions to various authoriti
  • Preparation and timely submission of PAYE returns to TRA